Brew Log: How to Delete a Malt, Hop, Yeast, or Mash Step

How do you delete items once they have been added to a recipe?

This is a very common question about Brew Log. If you are an experienced iOS user, you are likely familiar with the swipe right to delete gesture which is used in many apps. However to many users this isn’t obvious.

The following graphic illustrates how it works. You can delete items from your Malt Bill, Hop Bill, Yeast, or Mash Rest Steps in this manner.

In a future update, a separate delete button will be added to avoid this confusion!

Note: Since mash steps use information from previous steps in their calculations, it is highly recommended that if you delete or edit a mash step, delete and re-calculate any subsequent mash steps.

RSS Feed Reader – In Active Development

  • My second major project, currently in development, expected to be available on the App Store in November 2013.
  • As a power RSS user, I wanted to build an app to my own specifications, minimalizing UI, and introducing new efficient design ideas.
  • Provides image caching for offline reading.
  • Includes support for news aggregator services such as The Old Reader, Feedly, and TT-RSS.
  • Supports sharing by Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
  • Designed specifically for iOS 7 & retina displays.
  • Utilizes asynchronous network connections for fetching feeds and caching images.
  • Currently working on increasing performance by integrating multi-threading for feed parsing and integrating additional web service APIs for aggregation, sharing, and read-it-later services.
  • Code samples available on request.


Fermenticus Brew Log – Homebrewing Logbook & Recipe Calculator

  • My first major iOS project available on the App Store, averaging over 1000 new downloads per month with a 4.5 rating.
  • A complete recipe management tool for homebrewing beer. Used for designing recipes, performing calculations, and logging important statistics during the brewing process.
  • Recently redesigned for iOS 7.
  • Utilizes customized UIKit elements along with various iOS frameworks such as CoreData, Social, and StoreKit for In-App Purchases.
  • Regular updates for bug fixes and feature additions since initial release in April 2013.
  • Available on the App Store (Free):


Expense Tracker App

  • This is a special interest project, as I have always maintained personal finance and spending spreadsheets for budget, analysis, and fun.
  • The design intent was to provide a minimal, intuitive, and dynamic interface. Emphasis on quickly logging an expense with minimal clicks and using prior expenses to provide suggestions for descriptions of repeat purchases.
  • Basic expense analysis is currently implemented, to allow viewing expenses by category, month, or cost range.
  • Future developments will include much more in depth analysis, budget calculations, graphs, and integration with a web service.


Simple Message Board App

  • This app was an exercise in connecting to a web based API to post, retrieve, and delete text messages on basic message board.
  • I wrote a very basic API using PHP, which is used to edit a MySQL database table containing the message, date, and name for each post.

Simple Notes App

  • This Notes app was a self issued challenge to create a functioning app using auto-layout, basic animations, and container views entirely in code.
  • Features basic note taking with categories.
  • Future developments will include added category management, improved swipe gestures, and online synchronization.

Brew Log Updated for iOS 7 – V2.4

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated for iOS7 with a new refreshed look compatible with both iOS7 and iOS6.

Available on the App Store.

  • v2.4 Update: Fixed a crash in version 2.3 for iOS6 devices when selecting ingredients from lists
  • v2.4 Update: iOS6 icon gloss removed
  • v2.4 Update: Minor layout adjustments
  • Updated for iOS 7 with a refreshed look. Those on iOS 6 won’t be left out either, as the new design is compatible with iOS6 as well.
  • Interface has seen some adjustments (and some buttons have been moved, see below). Functionality remains the same as before.

Take note of the following changes:

  • The “Logbooks” button has been removed, simply tap the logbook name to open the logbook view.
  • The Malt/Hops/Notes tab buttons have been removed. Malts, Hops, and Notes are now accessed in a similar manner to yeast and mash rests as a cell in the recipe summary.
  • “Add a malt/hop/yeast” buttons have been moved to the top right of the screen from the bottom right.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in bugs, comments, and suggestions! Please update your reviews if you have the chance! If you run into any issues or find any unexpected quirks, let me know. The transition to iOS 7 involved a lot of re-tooling, so inevitably there are going to be some quirks! Check out the Fermenticus forum on Reddit for bug reports, discussions, comments, and suggestions.

If you are enjoying Brew Log, please consider supporting it by leaving a positive review on the App Store. Every rating and review is a big help!

Send me your comments, suggestions, and bug reports on reddit, via email, twitter, or leave a comment here!

Cheers & Happy Brewing!

Brew Log Update – Version 2.01

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated to Version 2.01! Available on the App Store. This is a minor update with some important bug fixes

  • The app icon has been replaced with a more simple modern graphic.
  • Bug Fix: “Back” buttons should no longer disappear for recipes with no name.
  • Bug Fix: Cloning recipes created in version 1.xx wil no longer cause an app crash
  • Bug Fix: Cloning recipes will now correctly copy the original recipe’s style IBU.
  • Bug Fix: Boil volume will correctly convert between US/Metric when you change your recipe units.
  • Bug Fix: Percentage of total malt bill for extract/steeped recipes will now correctly calculate
  • Bug Fix: Email export button no longer crashes the app if the sparge method is set to “None”
  • Typo Correction: Default Settings incorrectly showed “gal” instead of “qt” for the US unit for Mash Tun Loss, Sparge Loss, and Boil Loss. If you had set these values with gallons, you will need to re-enter the quart amount.
  • Typo Correction: Style ABV will appropriately only show one “%” symbol
  • Info Screen now has a link to the subreddit.

New: Check out the Fermenticus support forum on Reddit for discussions, comments, and suggestions.

If you are enjoying Brew Log, please consider supporting it by leaving a positive review on the App Store. Every rating and review is a big help!

Send me your comments, suggestions, and bug reports on reddit, via email, twitter, or leave a comment here!

Brew Log – Version 2.0

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated to Version 2.00, available on the App Store.

Version 2.00 is a major update! Check out what is new:

  • Mash Rest & Sparge calculations! Determine temperatures and volumes for a mash of any complexity. (Including calculations for Infusion & Decoction). Enter your own mash rest details or select from a typical mash rest.
  • Create logbooks to manage, organize, and archive your recipes.
  • Clone your existing recipes so you can brew it again!
  • App function descriptions, instructions, and tips have replaced blank white screens!
  • You can now SEARCH lists of hops, grains, and yeast.
  • Integration of US/Metric units has been reworked under the hood. You can now change recipes from US to Metric and vice versa.
  • Significantly improved user experience for user entered text fields.
  • Default settings now have extensive system & mash settings
  • Brew dates have been renamed to “Fermentation Stages & Dates” and now have a notes field so you can record more in-depth information.
  • You can now have more than one yeast strand in your recipe. You will be responsible for adjusting the anticipated attenuation manually.
  • There is now a Boil Time field for each recipe. Your old recipes will be updated with a boil time equal to your first hop addition or 60 minutes, whichever is higher.
  • A Boil Volume setting has been added to account for partial boils. IBU calculations for partial boil extract brewers will now be more accurate.
  • Many minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Tutorial videos have been added to share tips and tricks on maximizing your Brew Log experience.

• • • Important Information Regarding In-App Purchases • • •
Unfortunately, it has become apparent that continuing development is not feasible with a completely free product. After long deliberation on how to proceed I have decided to keep the app free without any limitations on the core functions.

Brew Log now has a limitation on the number of recipes you can store on your device. If you are updating from Brew Log version 1, your existing recipes will not count against your limitation. All users will get 5 empty recipe slots. There is no other limitation on any functions. The free slots are the exact same as paid recipe slots.

Brew Log’s In-App Purchases are tied to your iTunes account and are permanent. Your purchases on one device will be shared on all your devices. You can refresh to restore your purchases at any time.

Increases of +10 and +25 slots are available for a very low purchase price (one or two bucks respectively, or your region’s equivalent!). You can also remove the limitation entirely for the same price as a beer at a pub.

If you reach your maximum recipe limit, you will have to either delete existing recipes (I recommend exporting via Email first!) or purchase an upgrade before adding a new recipe or cloning an existing recipe.

I hope you will be understand that this was a difficult decision to make and greatly appreciate your support.

As always, I highly encourage you to email any bugs, suggestions, or comments you may have!

Lastly, if you are enjoying Brew Log, please consider supporting it by leaving a positive review on the App Store. Every rating and review is a big help!

Send me your comments, suggestions, and bug reports via email, twitter, or leave a comment here!

Brew Log Update – v1.01

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated to Version 1.01, available on the App Store.

Version 1.01 fixes the following bugs:

  • Email export no longer crashes in the case that you haven’t added any notes to a recipe.
  • Number formatting has been updated for international localization (specifically for numbers with decimals).
  • Various minor fixes and adjustments.

Check out all the current and upcoming features of Fermenticus Brew Log.

If you want to support the continued development of this app:

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