Brew Log Update – Version 2.01

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated to Version 2.01! Available on the App Store. This is a minor update with some important bug fixes

  • The app icon has been replaced with a more simple modern graphic.
  • Bug Fix: “Back” buttons should no longer disappear for recipes with no name.
  • Bug Fix: Cloning recipes created in version 1.xx wil no longer cause an app crash
  • Bug Fix: Cloning recipes will now correctly copy the original recipe’s style IBU.
  • Bug Fix: Boil volume will correctly convert between US/Metric when you change your recipe units.
  • Bug Fix: Percentage of total malt bill for extract/steeped recipes will now correctly calculate
  • Bug Fix: Email export button no longer crashes the app if the sparge method is set to “None”
  • Typo Correction: Default Settings incorrectly showed “gal” instead of “qt” for the US unit for Mash Tun Loss, Sparge Loss, and Boil Loss. If you had set these values with gallons, you will need to re-enter the quart amount.
  • Typo Correction: Style ABV will appropriately only show one “%” symbol
  • Info Screen now has a link to the subreddit.

New: Check out the Fermenticus support forum on Reddit for discussions, comments, and suggestions.

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