Brew Log Updated for iOS 7 – V2.4

Fermenticus Brew Log has been updated for iOS7 with a new refreshed look compatible with both iOS7 and iOS6.

Available on the App Store.

  • v2.4 Update: Fixed a crash in version 2.3 for iOS6 devices when selecting ingredients from lists
  • v2.4 Update: iOS6 icon gloss removed
  • v2.4 Update: Minor layout adjustments
  • Updated for iOS 7 with a refreshed look. Those on iOS 6 won’t be left out either, as the new design is compatible with iOS6 as well.
  • Interface has seen some adjustments (and some buttons have been moved, see below). Functionality remains the same as before.

Take note of the following changes:

  • The “Logbooks” button has been removed, simply tap the logbook name to open the logbook view.
  • The Malt/Hops/Notes tab buttons have been removed. Malts, Hops, and Notes are now accessed in a similar manner to yeast and mash rests as a cell in the recipe summary.
  • “Add a malt/hop/yeast” buttons have been moved to the top right of the screen from the bottom right.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in bugs, comments, and suggestions! Please update your reviews if you have the chance! If you run into any issues or find any unexpected quirks, let me know. The transition to iOS 7 involved a lot of re-tooling, so inevitably there are going to be some quirks! Check out the Fermenticus forum on Reddit for bug reports, discussions, comments, and suggestions.

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Send me your comments, suggestions, and bug reports on reddit, via email, twitter, or leave a comment here!

Cheers & Happy Brewing!