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RSS Feed Reader – In Active Development

  • My second major project, currently in development, expected to be available on the App Store in November 2013.
  • As a power RSS user, I wanted to build an app to my own specifications, minimalizing UI, and introducing new efficient design ideas.
  • Provides image caching for offline reading.
  • Includes support for news aggregator services such as The Old Reader, Feedly, and TT-RSS.
  • Supports sharing by Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
  • Designed specifically for iOS 7 & retina displays.
  • Utilizes asynchronous network connections for fetching feeds and caching images.
  • Currently working on increasing performance by integrating multi-threading for feed parsing and integrating additional web service APIs for aggregation, sharing, and read-it-later services.
  • Code samples available on request.


Fermenticus Brew Log – Homebrewing Logbook & Recipe Calculator

  • My first major iOS project available on the App Store, averaging over 1000 new downloads per month with a 4.5 rating.
  • A complete recipe management tool for homebrewing beer. Used for designing recipes, performing calculations, and logging important statistics during the brewing process.
  • Recently redesigned for iOS 7.
  • Utilizes customized UIKit elements along with various iOS frameworks such as CoreData, Social, and StoreKit for In-App Purchases.
  • Regular updates for bug fixes and feature additions since initial release in April 2013.
  • Available on the App Store (Free):


Expense Tracker App

  • This is a special interest project, as I have always maintained personal finance and spending spreadsheets for budget, analysis, and fun.
  • The design intent was to provide a minimal, intuitive, and dynamic interface. Emphasis on quickly logging an expense with minimal clicks and using prior expenses to provide suggestions for descriptions of repeat purchases.
  • Basic expense analysis is currently implemented, to allow viewing expenses by category, month, or cost range.
  • Future developments will include much more in depth analysis, budget calculations, graphs, and integration with a web service.


Simple Message Board App

  • This app was an exercise in connecting to a web based API to post, retrieve, and delete text messages on basic message board.
  • I wrote a very basic API using PHP, which is used to edit a MySQL database table containing the message, date, and name for each post.

Simple Notes App

  • This Notes app was a self issued challenge to create a functioning app using auto-layout, basic animations, and container views entirely in code.
  • Features basic note taking with categories.
  • Future developments will include added category management, improved swipe gestures, and online synchronization.

Fermenticus Brew Log for iOS

Brew Log is a homebrewing logbook, calculator, and recipe formulator for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch featuring:
Clean design – You can quickly input your ingredients and measurements, automatically perform important calculations, and concentrate on the brewing instead of the software!
Suitable for any level of expertise – Brew Log will handle all your extract, steeped grain, partial mash, or all-grain recipes.
Ingredients database – Add your own ingredients or select from lists of common malts, extracts, adjuncts, hops, and commercially available yeasts.

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