RSS Feed Reader – In Active Development

  • My second major project, currently in development, expected to be available on the App Store in November 2013.
  • As a power RSS user, I wanted to build an app to my own specifications, minimalizing UI, and introducing new efficient design ideas.
  • Provides image caching for offline reading.
  • Includes support for news aggregator services such as The Old Reader, Feedly, and TT-RSS.
  • Supports sharing by Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
  • Designed specifically for iOS 7 & retina displays.
  • Utilizes asynchronous network connections for fetching feeds and caching images.
  • Currently working on increasing performance by integrating multi-threading for feed parsing and integrating additional web service APIs for aggregation, sharing, and read-it-later services.
  • Code samples available on request.